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BeeLab is an inspiring journey of more than 40 hours of training over 6 months. Built with Reverse Pedagogy methodolgies and following Social Learning principles, the program aims to be the closest possible to attendees’ stakes and needs.



The journey starts with an introductory workshop enabling to codesign the program of the season with the participants themselves, making sure it fullfills their needs and stakes.



Four half-day workshops including outstanding keynote speakers and exercices enabling everyone to test and learn new methodologies.

Contents are share all along the journey to nurture participants and keep the Community engaged.


Three individual mirror sessions with a coach in order to anchor workshops’s learnings in personnal context.

One feed-back meeting with the company sponsor at the end of the program to maximise the value of the program for the company.


BeeLab is an inter-companies network gathering Beeleaders of different backgrounds and profils (startupper, managers, social entrepreneurs….). The diversity of the community aims to enrich the dialog between Beeleaders and makes it a resourceful place for everyone. Regular networking events are organized giving access to a large network of startups and association with a positive impact. These events help maintain Beeleaders in a learning posture.


The BEELAB is an observation centre of the skills of the Leader Change Maker, led by Professor Nathalie Estellat, Ph.D. in Management Sciences who has held various HR functions in the Grand Group for 15 years and is now an affiliated professor at ESCP Europe. The observation is based on a digital model and feed by on field observations made throughout the course in the workshops, mirror interviews but also within companies. It aims to model the skills of tomorrow’s leaders and help companies better identify them but also develop today’s leaders


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